When you live with a furry friend, it isn’t always easy to keep your home in tip-top shape. When you throw an oriental rug into the mix, it can feel nearly impossible to keep your beautiful piece clean. The good news is that even when you have pets in the home, there are ways to cut down on how much dirt and grime your rug sees.

Here at Oriental Express, we specialize in oriental rug cleaning services in Las Vegas. We are experts are removing the mess that pets can leave behind on rugs. From dander to fur to accident stains, we are equipped to handle the worst your four-legged friends throw our way.

In order to prevent the worst from happening, check out these tips for protecting your rug from pets.

#1: If You Have A Puppy, Keep Away

First and foremost, if you have a puppy, keep them away from your rug when you aren’t around. The reality is that during the early stages of raising a dog, they are going to have accidents and they will be prone to trouble. It only takes 15 minutes left alone with your ornate rug for your puppy to have chewed a hole, peed on the corners, and left behind muddy paw prints.

During the early stages of puppyhood, it is best to keep your dog away from any oriental rugs in your home unless you are there to supervise. Even then, be forewarned — puppies can take their toll quickly on your favorite rug.

#2: Think About Your Rug Placement

Where are your rugs found in your home? If you have them near a backdoor that your dog or cat frequently comes in and out of, you will probably face a lot more dirt and wear to your rug. It might be better to place your rug in a room that your pets don’t spend much time in. Perhaps you have a study or den that would be a better home for your most treasured rugs.

#3: Keep Your Pets Groomed

Cats and dogs alike need proper grooming in order to prevent your rug from becoming a mess of hair, fur, and dander. Make sure that you either handle grooming on your own or take them into a professional frequently. This will cut down on how much shedding occurs and will keep your rug cleaner for longer. Groomers can also help trim claws, which will prevent damage to your rugs as your furry friends walk across them.

#4: Clean Your Rug More Frequently

If you own a pet then you undoubtedly know that they require a lot more cleaning of your home. While the average rug owner might only need to vacuum once or twice a week, if you have pets, you might need to gently vacuum your rug more often. This will help prevent grime from building up, which can also keep dirt from wearing down your rug.

#5: Consider Adding A Fabric Protector

Accidents happen, even to the best-trained pets. Consider adding MicroSeal™ fabric protection to your rug. This can help ensure that your rug is ready for the rigors of living with pets.

#6: Invest In Professional Cleaning Right Away

Finally, when an accident does occur, make sure you invest in professional rug cleaning right away. It isn’t always easy to remove pet stains from your favorite rug and utilizing the wrong chemicals can lead to further damage. If your pet has left behind a mark, contact our team for help. We can assist you with rug cleaning services in Las Vegas and we will work to restore your carpet to its prior condition. Reach out today for more information about how we can deep clean your home’s rugs.