When you have a beautiful rug in your home, you want to keep it clean and looking its absolute best. If you have recently invested in a Persian, oriental, or antique rug, it is time to start focusing on ways you can improve the cleanliness of this beautiful piece. Unlike a cheap throw rug that you can dump into your washing machine once it gets dirty, an ornate rug requires a professional approach. These rugs can be easily damaged if they are not cleaned properly.

When the time comes that you need oriental or Persian rug cleaning in Las Vegas, give our team a call. In the meantime, check out these quick and easy tips for helping to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime on your beautiful rug.

Limit Exposure To Kids And Pets

While we love our kiddos and our furry friends, the reality is that they are extremely hard on rugs and flooring materials in general. If you decide to invest in an ornate rug, you might not want to place it in a location where your children or pets are frequently playing and enjoying an afternoon snack.

Limit your rug’s exposure to kids and pets by placing the rugs in rooms where they don’t spend as much time. For example, perhaps you have a beautiful study or library that would make a wonderful location for a more delicate rug. This area can be shut off from heavy foot traffic and the potential damages children and pets can inflict. You can also consider hanging your new rug on a wall, rather than placing it on the floor. This way it can be enjoyed in a family room without the risk of dirty paws or spilled milk.

Don’t Drag Dirt Into Your Home

Do you take off your shoes before you enter your house? If not, you might be dragging an unnecessary amount of dirt into your home. If you do decide to wear your shoes in the home, make sure you clean them off before you walk across your Persian rug.

Purchase a few boot and shoe scrapers or shoe cleaning mats to place by all your doorways. This can help remind everyone in the home to clean off their shoes prior to walking inside. The less dirt and debris that enters your home, the easier it is to keep your rugs clean.

Think Carefully About Where You Place Your Rugs

There are certain rooms in your home that are going to put your rug at more risk than others. Kids and pets aren’t the only ones who can spill and make a mess. The less traffic a room sees, the less chance of it getting dirty. Conversely, if you place your Persian rug in the center of your dining room, the odds of food and spills occurring increase.

While placing your rugs in rooms where you eat or spend a lot of your time will definitely increase the risk of them getting dirty, don’t let it stop you entirely. There are methods for adding protection against spills, such as our MicroSeal™ fabric protection. At the end of the day, weigh the pros and cons of having your rug in an area you will enjoy versus the potential for spills and damages.

Limit Eating And Drinking To Certain Spaces

Outside of placing your Persian rug in your dining room, you can help keep the rug cleaner by limiting where eating and drinking takes place in your home. Instead of letting everyone traipse around the home with snacks and drinks in hand, keep eating and drinking limited to the dining room and kitchen.

Consider Moving Your Rug For Big Occasions

If you are going to throw a big party, you might want to consider moving your Persian rug for the occasion. While your rug is a gorgeous decorative piece that you probably enjoy showcasing, leaving it out during a particularly wild party can lead to stains and damage.

Consider the occasion at hand and go from there. If you are having a couple of friends over for dinner, the rug doesn’t need to move. However, if you are hosting a giant holiday celebration with tons of family and friends, you might want to put your rug away for safekeeping.

Gently Vacuum Your Rug As Needed

Another great way to keep your rug looking clean and fresh is to vacuum it at least once a week. Depending on the foot traffic and where your rug is located, you might want to vacuum every couple of days or just once a week.

When you vacuum your Persian rug, be sure that you are doing so gently. Don’t use harsh suction and avoid strong bristles and brushes that might cause damage to the fibers.

Schedule Frequent Professional Cleaning Services

Finally, when you notice that your rug is starting to look dirty, make sure you schedule professional cleaning services. Having your rug cleaned frequently will not only make it look better, but it will also help extend the life of the rug.

If you are looking for professional Persian rug cleaning services in Las Vegas, we invite you to reach out to our team today. We can work with you to create the right cleaning schedule for your rug, as well as look into other options such as our MicroSeal™ fabric protection. We look forward to assisting you in keeping your beautiful rugs clean and pristine for years to come.