meaning of symbols in oriental & persian rugs oriental express las vegas

Oriental and Persian rugs are fascinating creations. They all tell a story, and it’s fun to decipher what the weaver meant to say in them. Rug design techniques have not changed much in centuries. The knowledge of oriental and Persian rug weaving has been passed down from generation to generation in the traditional way — through families. You can’t go to an oriental or Persian rug weaving school to learn how to do it. Plus, no two oriental or Persian rugs are the same, making them truly works of art.

Oriental Express in Las Vegas offers the best oriental and Persian rug cleaning services. We are your trustworthy rug cleaner, boasting over 40 years in the business. We treat your oriental and/or Persian rugs like the unique and rare artwork that they are. Below, we’ll go over briefly the meaning behind some of the patterns you’ll find in these magnificent creations. Reach out to us today to get started!



You will see a lot of animals in oriental and Persian rugs. In ancient times, many animals were gods or represented gods. In fact, some cultures believed that the souls of slain animals might seek revenge if killed by humans, and some cultures believed that their souls may be reborn as animals as well. Animals were seen as protectors as well. We see all of these ideas represented in oriental and Persian rugs. Below are common animal symbols you’ll see:

  • Birds — faith and fertility
  • Cows — earth and mankind
  • Camels — weath, prosperity, and fertility
  • Dogs — protection and defense. Dogs are rare in oriental and Persian rugs
  • Dragons — power
  • Eagles — power
  • Peacocks — immortality and eternal life
  • Snakes — guardians, wisdom, and happiness


Plants are common in oriental and Persian rugs. Besides the fact that we are surrounded by them, plants also give us life-giving medicine and things we need to survive, such as lumber, wood for cooking, and fruit. The Arabian people believed that trees held spirits and angels. In India, people believed that souls of people entered trees. In ancient Egypt, the sycamore tree was used to make mummy cases as it symbolized the heart of Osiris. Below are common plant symbols you’ll see:

  • Blossoms — youth, spring, and newlyweds
  • Cypress trees — tree of life and immortality
  • Grain — abundance and fertility
  • Hyacinth — regeneration
  • Lily — purity and spirituality
  • Iris — religious liberty
  • Lotus — rebirth and immortality


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