Oriental and Persian rugs are not just fancy eye candy that you snag from the sales rack at JC Penny. These types of rugs hold tremendous value and elegance and with their unique characteristics, will be an immediate draw from wherever they are being placed. There are any number of reasons why you would want to own an Oriental or Persian rug. Oriental Express, your Las Vegas Oriental and Persian rug repair and cleaning service, offer you some of the top reasons why investing in these types of rugs is a good idea.

Lasting Appeal

Here is one good reason why societies across the globe have owned and cherished Oriental and Persian rugs for centuries; it is because they have a lasting appeal. An Oriental rug hand-crafted a century ago still looks as beautiful today as it did 100 years ago. They are not like styles that gain population and then fade into oblivion, they are always trendy, always stylish.

Any modern, mass-produced rug you buy today will lose its excitement in a few years and will probably fall out of style soon after that. But like a fine wine, Oriental rugs only get better with age.


Your Oriental rug was built to last and made from the finest materials available. Oriental rugs are also carefully designed and hand-knotted so they won’t rip, tear or shred. You will want to have them professionally cleaned for stunning results.

Good Investment

If cared for properly, your Oriental rug will accrue in value over time. Most any Oriental rug that reached 30 years of age will likely have a significant increase in value. Oriental rugs that are over a century old qualify for antique status and could have significant bargaining power should you choose to sell it.

Soft and Plush

Oriental and Persian rugs are very soft to the touch and will remain plush as long as you take care of them properly. There are even some Oriental rugs that are made from a wool/silk blend that gives them an incredible texture.

They Have a History

Oriental and Persian rugs have a long and rich history. Each Oriental rug has a story about the people who produced it and the meaning of the design and symbols within the rug itself. The rug you buy at JC Penny has absolutely no history and was one of thousands mass-produced by machine.


Your Oriental rug is made from all-natural materials and natural dyes, which means your rug won’t release toxins into the air. It also means your Oriental rug isn’t as flammable as those that are mass produced.

Status Symbol

Anybody walking through your home and noticing an Oriental rug will immediately recognize and appreciate it. By displaying an Oriental or Persian rug in your home, you are declaring your dedication and respect for quality design. An Oriental rug will impress your friends for years to come.

If you own an Oriental rug, Persian rug or another type of high-quality rug and it is in need of a professional cleaning or repair, contact Oriental Express and we can help.