Rugs are a product of an adaptive industry that has been developing for many centuries and shows no signs of slowing down. There has always been a great interest in rugs of all sorts, not just Oriental and Persian rugs. Rugs have enjoyed unfading popularity and great interest has been given to them by homeowners and interior designers. We are proud of the way in which rugs brighten up our living spaces. Oriental Express, your Las Vegas rug cleaning service, offers reasons why rugs improve your home’s interior.

Rugs are the Future

The value of rugs has not changed in hundreds of years. That is, when they were crafted by nomadic tribes in Central Asia hundreds of years ago, they were developed as protection from the cold and proved to be more practical than sheepskins. They were also aesthetically pleasing and used to decorate floors and walls of the tents.

Today, rugs are a quintessential component of renovation and decoration in homes, offices. schools and any other buildings we use. And because rugs come in so many quality levels and can be found at any price, they are admired and used by people from all walks of life. Rugs range from inexpensive textiles that are factory-made and used in commercial buildings to very costly hand-knotted silk rugs seen in homes.

Rugs Make Us Happy

Rugs have a direct impact on our moods. That soft texture with the funky design we lay on the floor invokes harmony, peace and intimacy. We walk around our homes barefoot, embracing the wooly sensation we get squishing our feet in the soft fabric of a rug.

The colors of our rugs are important as well. Colors can enhance and even generate certain emotions. Dark colors like greens and purples help us concentrate while oranges and yellows encourage communication and socialization. Leave it up to your rugs to promote peace, creativity and happiness.

Rugs are Thrift

Rugs actually provide warmth in the winter and help keep things cooler in the summer. They also can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs in your indoor spaces. Research shows that homes without insulated floors lose as much as 20 percent of heat.

Rugs Provide Safety

Slip and falls in houses are a common occurrence with hardwood floors and other hard surfaces. But a house with rugs is a safer house. Rugs are known for reducing the incidences of sliding and falling. And as a bonus, they act as a cushion when you do fall on the floor.

Rugs are Beautiful

Rugs are the tools that define and anchor a room. Rugs can bring a room together. Rugs will add dimension to a room that is otherwise rather dull and bland. Rugs offer us a greater level of comfort. The types of rugs you own and display are a reflection of who you are. A rug can be a neutral foundation of a space or it can be the main focal point.

You need more rugs in your home and in your life.