If you are sitting in your kitchen right now staring at the floors and wondering what you can do to spice up the look of the room; the answer is getting a rug. Also, we find it quite the coincidence if you are reading this post while contemplating what to do to spice up the look of your kitchen. It’s almost as if you are reading our minds.

But we digress, the point of today’s post is all of the reasons you need an Oriental or Persian rug in your kitchen. If you are already convinced that you need a rug in the kitchen, then we guess there is no reason to read on. But if you are on the fence about getting an Oriental or Persian rug for your kitchen, we have the reasons you should make the right choice and shop for one right now.

If you are totally on board with getting a rug for the kitchen, but the spouse isn’t, then have them read this article. Oriental Express, your Las Vegas rug repair service, offers up these reasons to decorate the kitchen with a lovely rug.

Rugs are Great for Decorating

There are so many decorating uses for Oriental and Persian rugs that it truly boggles the mind. Perhaps you have a grand entry in your kitchen that needs a grand statement piece or maybe a corner of your kitchen needs a smaller accent piece. Whatever the situation, a rug is a perfect choice. You will have no troubles at all finding a rung in the size, colors and style that you need to make your kitchen shine.

Rugs are an Investment

Here is the cool thing about buying a rug for your kitchen; it is an investment that very well proves to be a moneymaker in the long run. Not that you would ever sell it, of course. Hand-crafted Persian and Oriental rugs are very durable goods and usually increase in value over time. They are heirloom pieces that should be passed down to your children, who can then pass them down to their children.

Rugs are Works of Art

No two rugs are exactly alike. And just like the pictures and paintings you have on your wall, you will never get bored looking at your rug in the kitchen. In fact, you might be tempted to hang out more in the kitchen because of your new rug. Just take care not to spill coffee on it, or you will have to call Oriental Express to have it cleaned.

Warm and Cozy

Some kitchens come across as rather cold, it could have something to do with the appliances or tile floor. But when you add a rug or two to your kitchen, it immediately warms up the entire room. We are talking both figuratively and literally as in addition to making the room look warm, the hand-knotted wool is the perfect buffer between cold floors and your bare feet.

Never Goes Out of Style

You could choose a different type of floor covering for your kitchen, but whatever you choose is bound to go out of style some day. This is not true with Persian and Oriental rugs, they never go out of style. Oriental and Persian rugs are like diamonds, Rolex watches, Cashmere sweaters, wingtip shoes, Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Ugg boots, they will stay in style year after year.

Conversation Piece

Not only will a Persian or Oriental rug look great in your kitchen, it gives guests something to talk about as well. They make great conversation pieces.

And if you happen to spill something on your Oriental or Persian rug, all you have to do is give Oriental Express a call.