1. meaning of symbols in oriental & persian rugs oriental express las vegas

    The Meaning Behind the Patterns of Oriental Rugs

    Oriental and Persian rugs are fascinating creations. They all tell a story, and it's fun to decipher what the weaver meant to say in them. Rug design techniques have not changed much in centuries. The knowledge of oriental and Persian rug weaving has been passed down from generation to generation in the traditional way — through families. You can't go to an oriental or Persian rug weaving school…Read More

  2. oriental express keeping oriental rugs clean with kids las vegas

    Keeping Your Oriental Rug Clean With Kids

    Let's not sugar coat the fact that oriental and Persian rugs are expensive. Think about it: each are handmade, taking at least a year or more, with intricate designs by skilled weavers who pour their family's history into their work. The older your oriental or Persian rug is, the more valuable it is. The same can be said for its condition. Most people who purchase oriental rugs are prepared for th…Read More

  3. Quick Tips For Keeping Your Rug Cleaner Year Round

    When you have a beautiful rug in your home, you want to keep it clean and looking its absolute best. If you have recently invested in a Persian, oriental, or antique rug, it is time to start focusing on ways you can improve the cleanliness of this beautiful piece. Unlike a cheap throw rug that you can dump into your washing machine once it gets dirty, an ornate rug requires a professional approach…Read More