1. Preventing Mold and Mildew in Your Oriental Rug

    Rug and carpets, even those made of inorganic materials, are susceptible to mold. And when rugs start to grow mold, it should be fixed as soon as possible, as mold can grow and spread surprisingly fast. However, sometimes it’s difficult for the average person to determine if their carpet has mold since it can grow underneath the carpet, or within its fibers. Here’s a guide from the carpet clea…Read More

  2. The Critters in the Carpet (Pt. 2)

    Are you ready to continue our exploration of the microcosmos? Well, like a quality oriental rug on a hardwood floor, we’ve got it covered. In the first installment of this blog series, we took a look at how we ever even discovered these invisible creatures in the first place. We rewound the clock to a time when people were completely oblivious to bacteria, viruses, tardigrades, dust mites, and a…Read More

  3. The Critters in the Carpet (Pt. 1)

    A rug (or carpet) can certainly look clean from a distance, but you might be surprised what you’d find if your eyeballs doubled as a microscope. Of course, there’s no escaping the microbial world (nor would we want to, since microbes are essential to our survival!), but there can still be some unwanted critters hiding in our homes. That’s what we’ll be looking at in today’s blog. We’ll…Read More

  4. Preparing Your Rugs For Summer

    Winter is no longer coming. Summer is officially here. As June and July start to roll around, Las Vegas is preparing for the hottest months of the year. As we have discussed before, when it comes to maintaining and taking care of your rugs, it’s important to keep in mind weather and climate changes all throughout the year. Preparing your rugs for the changes in weather is key to their longevity.…Read More

  5. Choosing The Perfect Rooms For Rugs In Your Home

    If you are in love with the beauty of oriental, Persian, and antique rugs, we understand. Here at Oriental Express, our love for specialty rugs is what drives our business. We specialize in rug cleaning services in Las Vegas that are geared toward keeping treasured rugs clean and pristine. Our professional rug cleaning services will carefully remove any dirt and grime from your ornate rugs without…Read More

  6. Rug Cleaning And Other Tips For Fighting Allergies This Spring

    Spring is a wonderful time of year. Here in Las Vegas, we enjoy the warm days of spring, without the incredible heat of summer. Wildflowers in the area begin to bloom, and for those who enjoy hitting the trails, this is a truly spectacular time of year. Unfortunately, with the beauty of spring also comes an increase in the number of allergens in the air. If you are someone who finds that your alle…Read More

  7. Your Rug Cleaning Service in Vegas Offers Flooring Options

    You are sick and tired of staring at the mint-green shag carpet you currently have in your living room. When you bought the house, you thought the carpet in the living room gave it a bit of character. Now, it is just one hot mess. At one point, you bought an Oriental rug that covered much of the carpet and gives the room a new look. But now, even after having the rug and carpet cleaned by Oriental…Read More

  8. Gift Ideas From Your Rug Cleaning Service in Las Vegas

    In our last post, we gave you several really good reasons why Oriental or Persian rugs make a great Christmas gift. However, you might be shopping for a loved one who already has one, two or more Persian and Oriental rugs. If this is the case, then getting them another rug is probably out of the question. This means you need to get back online and continue your search for the perfect gift. If you …Read More

  9. Your Las Vegas Rug Cleaning Service Offers Tips on Moving Rugs

    If you are moving, you are probably not looking forward to packing everything up. Moving is stressful and it doesn't help matters when you have a lot of delicate and valuable items that you are afraid might not fare well in a move. These are items like fine art pieces, your set of China and your Oriental rug. There are relatively easy solutions for safely moving your set of China and your fine art…Read More

  10. Your Rug Cleaning Service in Las Vegas Recommends Buying an Oriental Rug

    Oriental and Persian rugs are not just fancy eye candy that you snag from the sales rack at JC Penny. These types of rugs hold tremendous value and elegance and with their unique characteristics, will be an immediate draw from wherever they are being placed. There are any number of reasons why you would want to own an Oriental or Persian rug. Oriental Express, your Las Vegas Oriental and Persian r…Read More