One of the worst feelings in the world is when you or someone else spills something that leaves a stain on your furniture or Oriental rug. Certain stains can be extremely hard to remove, which can mean your once-beautiful Persian rug is ruined. A good way to guard against such stains is to have professional MicroSeal™ fabric protection applied to your carpet. Oriental Express is a company that provides such a service, along with Oriental rug cleaning, and we do so with a focus on providing you with excellent customer service.

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This is a demo of red wine spilled on 100% silk fabric with no staining. Watch and be amazed!

It is beneficial to have MicroSeal™ fabric protection applied to your carpet and furniture for a number of reasons. Sealing the fabric in your carpet and furniture can assure that it doesn’t grow any mold or mildew from a stain, which can provide health benefits to your family. MicroSeal™ fabric protection also helps to maintain your furniture and carpets and protect and maintain the investment you have made in an Oriental rug. And MicroSeal™ protection makes cleanup much easier, which saves you time and energy.

Though MicroSeal™ fabric protection does involve applying a chemical to your furniture and carpet, you don’t have to worry. At Oriental Express in Las Vegas, we employ only experienced and professional technicians, and they use only the safest and most superior equipment to apply your MicroSeal™ fabric protection.

When you are looking for a company to apply MicroSeal™ fabric protection to your furniture and carpet, choose Oriental Express. We will do the job right and focus on providing you with top-notch customer service. For Oriental rug cleaning in Las Vegas, give us a call.

How MicroSeal™ Works

Originally designed in England to replenish the natural protective agent a sheep produces for its own wool, MicroSeal™ has become the leader in wear and stain protection for a variety of applications. Here at Oriental Express in Las Vegas, we use it for Oriental rug cleaning and protection. 

Without MicroSeal™, dirt, debris, and more are naturally absorbed into the center of your rug’s fibers. This is why you so often can’t even see dirt in your rugs and carpet! MicroSeal™, however, penetrates your Oriental rug into the very inner cortexes of the fibers and protects from the inside out. This means protection not just from dirt and debris, but also from sun damage, a glass of red wine, coffee, and more.

Why to Invest in MicroSeal™

Sounds pretty good, right? We’ll seal the deal on getting MicroSeal™ by pointing out some of its biggest advantages: 

1. Complete Fiber Penetration

Enjoy a long-lasting and durable bond to your Oriental rug with MicroSeal™ because it penetrates the entire fiber! Instead of only coating the outside of the fiber (with a harsh finish sealant) like most fabric protectors, this will protect your Persian rug from the inside out. This also means it doesn’t encapsulate non-fibrous particles, such as dirt, when it’s applied.

2. Sun Protection

You want to keep your Oriental rug vibrant and beautiful — but the sun has other plans. MicroSeal™ contains sun inhibitors in order to reduce or eliminate sun fading.

3. Fire and Smoke Retardant

MicroSeal™ is approved to treat interior fabrics on aircrafts. Why, you ask? Because it is both a fire and a smoke retardant. Fabrics treated with MicroSeal™ reduce flame spread by 14% and decrease a fire’s ability to produce smoke by 23%.

4. Mold and Mildew Protection

Because MicroSeal™ seals the fiber from the inside out, you can enjoy the peace of mind of unparalleled protection from mold and mildew spreading in your rug. If this is something you’re currently concerned about, then contact our rug cleaning service in Las Vegas.

5. Cleaner Protection

Speaking of Oriental rug cleaning, fabrics treated with MicroSeal™ aren’t at risk of losing protection when they are professionally cleaned. Instead of having to be reapplied like other rug protectants, MicroSeal™ will stand up to the test of your best cleaning supplies.

6. Environmentally Safe

It’s only natural to be curious about the environmental impacts of MicroSeal™, especially considering how strong it is! However, it is considered the most eco-friendly and safe fabric protector out there today. It is non-tox, non-allergenic, and biodegradable.

7. Overspray? No Problem

Another benefit of MicroSeal™ being environmentally safe is that overspray won’t be a problem. Whether it overspray to your wood, glass, metal, or tile when applied, no problem! It can be wiped up easily and won’t damage or leave a residue on your other surfaces.

8. Color Fast

You love your Oriental rug just the way it is — that’s why you invest in rug cleaning, after all. You can rest assured that MicroSeal™ won’t change the feel, texture, or color of your rug. If anything, it will help the colors remain more vibrant through extra protection!

9. Natural Origin

MicroSeal™ has been around for a while now, but one of our favorite aspects to point out is its natural origin. It was originally created to protect wool, silk, leather, and suede products in Europe, but can also be applied to synthetics; similar protectants in the U.S. were made to be used almost exclusively on synthetics and didn’t have as broad — or as natural — of a use.

Spills and Stains MicroSeal™ Could Protect Against

Can you imagine red wine permanently staining an animal’s coat? No. Can you imagine red wine permanently staining carpet or a rug in your home? We’ll hazard a guess that you can imagine the latter! MicroSeal™ was engineered to mimic the natural protection wool possesses; fur is protected from within by oils, just like MicroSeal™ can do for your Oriental rug. 

While you still need to clean and wipe up spills and stains, of course, MicroSeal™ is there to make it easier and more effective. Here are some of the most common spills and stains that MicroSeal™ can help protect against: 

  • Pets – accidents, dirty paws, drool, etc.
  • Children – ketchup, orange juice, gum, snot, paint, blood, etc.
  • Shoes – mud, dirt, snow, gravel, oil, etc.
  • Parties – wine, salsa, coffee, etc.

If any of the above spills or stains have found their way onto your Oriental rug, then reach out to Oriental Express today for our rug cleaning service. While we’re helping you, we can tell you more about MicroSeal™ and apply it to your beautiful, newly cleaned rug if you wish.

The Importance of Oriental Rug Cleaning

A professional rug cleaning can go a long way in protecting your Oriental rug and making it look like new (or, well, as new as an antique can look!). Instead of shampooing it yourself or looking for area rug cleaners, choose Oriental Express for your antique rug cleaning. We’ll make sure the job is done right and the beauty and integrity of your Persian rug are preserved. Here are a few points to highlight the importance of professional rug cleaning:

  • Your rug is already holding pounds of dirt by the time it looks dull and dirty.
  • Rugs are typically in locations of your home where there’s a lot of foot traffic.
  • Rugs are essentially air filters in that they trap many kinds of contaminants.

Learn more about our Oriental rug washing service today and contact us if you have questions!

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