img_0973At ORIENTAL EXPRESS, your Oriental rug cleaning service in Las Vegas, we believe in total care for your fine rugs, so we recommend using a high-quality rug pad. After we searched extensively for the best pad for your rug, we found The World’s Finest Area Rug Pad: OptiMat

We are committed to providing the highest quality area rug pad at competitive pricing along with uncompromising customer service. Since 1980, we have delivered the best area rug pad to our customers. What makes our pad unique is that it is made of a top of quality waffled rubber bonded to a fiber base which lets it hold the rug from slipping while gently supporting and cushioning your rug.

Why Do You Need a Quality Rug Pad?

First, an excellent rug pad will provide cushion between your rug and hard floors which will help prevent wear thereby protecting your investment. Otherwise, without a pad, your rug fibers would be crushed and ground down with each step.

Second, a well-made rug pad is luxurious, soft and resilient, compressing underfoot and bounding right back for your comfort and the best appearance of the rug.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, a great pad can prevent accidents by keeping your fine rugs from slipping or buckling. Optimat keeps you and your family safe. Inferior, flimsier pads will buckle and fold in on themselves creating hazards where Optimat is heavier and more substantial, which provides stability for your rug and your family.

Finally, an area rug pad should perform as well on wall-to-wall carpet as it does on hard surfaces. Place the OptiMat pad from ORIENTAL EXPRESS with the reverse waffle “tentacle grip” side face down on hard floors for more gripping power than any other pad. Turn our pad over – rubber side up – and you have a pad that keeps area rugs securely in place over wall- to-wall carpeting. The felt surface is specially treated to provide extra grip and prevent fuzzing and fraying. OptiMat has 22 ounces of felt and 16 ounces of non-washable rubber per square yard heat fused to the felt face side. OptiMat is not only the best around, we can offer it at an optimal price.

And, since we know one size does NOT fit all, all pad orders at ORIENTAL EXPRESS are custom cut to fit your rug exactly no matter the size.