1. Preventing Mold and Mildew in Your Oriental Rug

    Rug and carpets, even those made of inorganic materials, are susceptible to mold. And when rugs start to grow mold, it should be fixed as soon as possible, as mold can grow and spread surprisingly fast. However, sometimes it’s difficult for the average person to determine if their carpet has mold since it can grow underneath the carpet, or within its fibers. Here’s a guide from the carpet clea…Read More

  2. meaning of symbols in oriental & persian rugs oriental express las vegas

    The Meaning Behind the Patterns of Oriental Rugs

    Oriental and Persian rugs are fascinating creations. They all tell a story, and it's fun to decipher what the weaver meant to say in them. Rug design techniques have not changed much in centuries. The knowledge of oriental and Persian rug weaving has been passed down from generation to generation in the traditional way — through families. You can't go to an oriental or Persian rug weaving school…Read More

  3. meaning of colors in oriental & persian rugs oriental express las vegas

    The Meaning Behind the Colors of Oriental Rugs

    Many people look at rugs and just see the beautiful colors, the patterns, and the pictures and think it's beautiful. However, for oriental and Persian rugs, these beautiful colors and intricate patterns have meaning and stories behind them, and they have had them since the very beginning, for hundreds of years. Oriental Express in Las Vegas offers the best oriental and Persian rug cleaning and rep…Read More

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    Keeping Your Oriental Rug Clean With Kids

    Let's not sugar coat the fact that oriental and Persian rugs are expensive. Think about it: each are handmade, taking at least a year or more, with intricate designs by skilled weavers who pour their family's history into their work. The older your oriental or Persian rug is, the more valuable it is. The same can be said for its condition. Most people who purchase oriental rugs are prepared for th…Read More

  5. difference between persian and oriental rug oriental express las vegas

    What’s the Difference Between an Oriental Rug and a Persian Rug?

    For centuries, people have prized oriental rugs for their beauty and their craftsmanship. Oriental rugs are in part prized because of how they are made. But what is the difference between an oriental and a Persian rug? Oriental Express is Las Vegas' oldest authentic rug washers. We've been serving Las Vegas and customers worldwide with our oriental rug cleaning since 1980. In addition to oriental …Read More

  6. Common Causes of Dirty Rugs

    Dirty rugs are inevitable. Even if you keep your rugs in a room with very little traffic, it will still accrue dust and all sorts of other microscopic nuisances. There’s simply no way around it: your rugs will get dirty. So, what now? Understanding the common causes of dirty rugs can help you prevent major messes from occurring. In today’s blog from your trusted oriental rug cleaning service i…Read More

  7. The Critters in the Carpet (Pt. 2)

    Are you ready to continue our exploration of the microcosmos? Well, like a quality oriental rug on a hardwood floor, we’ve got it covered. In the first installment of this blog series, we took a look at how we ever even discovered these invisible creatures in the first place. We rewound the clock to a time when people were completely oblivious to bacteria, viruses, tardigrades, dust mites, and a…Read More

  8. The Critters in the Carpet (Pt. 1)

    A rug (or carpet) can certainly look clean from a distance, but you might be surprised what you’d find if your eyeballs doubled as a microscope. Of course, there’s no escaping the microbial world (nor would we want to, since microbes are essential to our survival!), but there can still be some unwanted critters hiding in our homes. That’s what we’ll be looking at in today’s blog. We’ll…Read More

  9. Common Myths About Oriental Rugs (Pt. 2)

    In our previous blog post, we took a look at some common myths about oriental rugs. When it comes to a tradition as old as oriental rugs (a tradition that’s over two millennia old!), it’s inevitable for a good deal of myths to crop up. We ran into so many common myths that we couldn’t contain it to one blog! In the first blog, we discussed the following myths about oriental rugs: That they c…Read More

  10. Common Myths About Oriental Rugs (Pt. 1)

    Oriental rugs have been around for quite a long time. In fact, the earliest evidence of oriental rugs comes from ancient Chinese texts from around 2,500 years ago! That is one seriously old tradition. And, just like anything else that’s been around for a long time, there has been ample opportunity for myths to develop around oriental rugs. In this two-part blog series from Oriental Express, we w…Read More